Serving papers sometimes takes us to the most rural areas.  While every situation is different the truth is the crazy comes out of folks that have not had interaction with people.  I have laughed with folks, had a tear over family court papers, and ran for my life from a huge black lab.  He turned into a softy when I threw a large ball toward the woods.  We try very hard to service these area’s especially early in the evening no later than dusk or just dark.  For safety reasons people in Pennsylvania use the Castle law to their advantage.  Basically if they feel you’re a threat and you are on their property they have the right to shoot you.  In a court of law it’s very hard to defend yourself as a process server if you are dead.  “judged by 8 or carried by 6. After 15 years of Process Serving In Pennsylvania,Washington DC. Maryland and Virginia  I can tell you from experience every area is different and each location I visit poses unique challenges.

God bless you country folks.



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