Karen R. –Has documents she requires served. In less than five minutes, Karen has chosen the place she needs service in, paid for her order via PayPal secure payment services, and uploaded her legal documents in PDF file format. How do we know it works? Karen R. sent five outside associate friends to us for the same service and got her serves for even less. And yes that is her real picture.

Certified Process Server

Professional Servers

Once file uploads are complete, Karen’s order instantly notifies our office and we begin to work on your case immediately.  Karen receives her invoice.  How do we know it works?  Our reviews.


Attempted in hand delivery with 24 HOURS! ZERO RUSH FEES!

Professionally trained process server in any state we need–will attempt to hand deliver the documents either Residential or Businesses with in 24 hours of receipt.  They will make four attempts to personally deliver any document.  Karen is then notified that her job has been completed and our affidavit is E-mailed for verification of accuracy before mailing.   All services are first attempt within 24 hours of receipt from us and then updates every 12 hours following.  We know it works because we serve everyday all day.