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The Lonely Process Server

The lonely Process Server

Vividly as humans we crave interaction.  As a process server its inevitable.  Driving and knocking forever seeing both the bright and dark side of people and life.  It’s a constant battle between PTSD and Anxiety and we do it all so our family can live a fruitful life.

More often than not the court in which we serve the documents for have no idea or very little what it is like to interact with some of the oddest people on the planet earth.  Heck just this past serve in Hershey as my former area high school was winning a state championship at the sweetest place on earth #GIANTcenter #ReadingPA.  I was serving a document when the person open the door fully nude… More like a peter griffin family guy nude….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ9VfGBdVcU.  But look that’s not even the part that bothers me the most.  What I hate the most is not wanting to press charges and be a bad karma seeker…It would be easy to see him locked up and on megan’s list.

From the interaction while driving to the person to person contact in the worst of someones times Civil Process Servers in any area have a horrible time some days. So be a nice human to everyone and see how the day goes.

Ya Served.

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